Geared Products

We provide a wide array of gear types, shaft configurations, ratios, housing materials and mounting methods including worm gear, bevel, and helical gear boxes to provide solutions for many application challenges.

  • Parallel Shaft Gearing

Our main product line is our shaft mount and concentric product offering. Highlighted by innovative and problem-solving designs, based on our application and industry experience. We also offer a wide array of other parallel-shaft products for application-specific and general-purpose needs.

  • Right Angle Gearing

AME manufacturers a broad product selection of right angle gearing products including bevel, miter, hypoid-helical and worm options. Additional stock and custom solutions are available in various material and gearing ratio options to help you choose the proper selection for your desired solution.

  • Custom Gearing Solutions
  • Our Technology, Commercial, and Manufacturing teams partner with our customers to develop innovative designs optimised to the needs of the application to produce the most effective solution to demanding, critical, and high-volume needs.